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The excitement of owning a garden office starts as soon as you make the call. All our garden rooms are bespoke, which means that we work specifically to your needs and requirements. Here are some things worth thinking about when you design your own garden room.

1. Make it Personal!

When you design your garden office, you are creating the ultimate working environment tailored to your professional needs. But that is not a reason not to let your personality shine through! 

Whether you’re into traditional garden lodge styles with sloped ceilings or more contemporary and sleek buildings, choosing the base that fits your taste is the obvious place to start. 

At Premier Garden Offices, we offer completely bespoke garden offices, so make sure you talk to our friendly and professional team of designers to turn your office dream into reality.

2. Take office furniture into account. 

Before you embark on a furniture hunt, how does an inbuilt desk sound? Maybe an inbuilt shelving unit? We take pride in offering our customers these kinds of features.

If you rather buy your own, make sure to consider what kind of office furniture you need, the size of them and position in the room. Every office needs a comfortable and ergonomic chair and a desk with space for a laptop, paperwork and stationery. 

 If you use a stationary computer, your desk should be at least 60” (150cm) wide for maximum comfort.

 You might also need extra space or a small shelf for a scanner or printer. 

 We are happy to work with you every step of the way to plan and provide solutions that save space and utilises your home office to the max.


3. Let the Sunshine in!

Natural sunlight is an absolute necessity if you want to thrive, feel energised and productive. Don’t be afraid to let the sunshine in with double glazed doors and skylights. 

 Light coloured walls, decorated with mirrors, will enhance the sunlight. To keep the room airy and bright while reducing irritating sun glares, you can have translucent window shades installed. 

4. A Room with a View

 Some people find that they work best when their desk is facing the wall and they are free from visual distractions. 

 Others enjoy a pleasant view, and what view could be more satisfying than that of your very own garden? 

Both locations have their pros and cons. To avoid feeling pushed into a corner, place your desk in the middle of the room. This way, you can face a part of your office that isn’t too distracting while being allowed some space to breathe. If this positions your screen directly towards the sun, you can get a monitor cover for your computer.

 If you go for the garden view, consider adding blinds for when the sun shines right through.

5. Consider future usage.

 Here’s a tickling though: Once you’ve invested in a garden room, it is yours to do what you like with for the rest of your life. One day you will not have to work anymore, and your garden office can be transformed into something totally different! 

Maybe this will be the place where you take up sewing, yoga or DIY? Will your house be bustling with grandchildren running around, needing an extra playroom? Or will you relax here with a drink in your hand, next to the swimming pool? The possibilities are endless, and ultimately, down to you!