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Time is a fascinating concept. Scientists, physicists and philosophers argue about it all the time. Is it linear? Social construction? Can it standstill? When it comes to the working man or woman, we can set speculations aside, and all agree on one thing: Time is money. And it is valuable to us.

If you have decided to save time and money on installing a garden office instead of commuting every day, good for you! We know that this is a decision you considered carefully, and we are sure you are excited about all the possibilities that lay before you. Now you might be wondering how long it will take until the garden office stands tall and proud in your garden.

First, let’s remember that every building is as unique as its owner. We still like to provide an approximate deadline for our customers; however, it can vary depending on size, position and what you choose to have come with it. If you want to add features such as kitchenettes, toilets or showers, it will be reflected in the time frame.

The garden offices are usually constructed in two to six days. The base takes between a day to a day and a half to install. Construction of the building then takes place the following week, which will take one to five days to complete, depending on size.

If you want your garden office plastered and painted it will add on a few weeks to the process, mainly for it to dry.  

In all, it will take around four to six weeks for your contemporary garden room to be finished. If you need to apply for planning permission, the whole process will take approximately 12 weeks.

In which case, we can guarantee a swifter and less disruptive process compared to adding an extension room in your house. 

Time is valuable to you, but it is also valuable to us. We don’t waste it, but power through in a skilled and efficient manner. It is our aim to provide you with the service and products that leave you delighted for years to come.